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Virtual, Hybrid, and In-Person - We’ve Been There. Here’s Our Take

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

“I really think we should attempt in-person events this year, but I don’t want to neglect the virtual audience we’ve built. What about hybrid? Or maybe we should just stay virtual. Our business has conflicting views, and this decision is falling on me.”

Listen, we get it. Building events for your company is a tall order on its own, let alone when the industry decides to split into three, leaving you with some big decisions to make. It can be tough to navigate. has been through it all, so we want to share our take on this.

You may know this already, but is the product of two guys who used to specialize in onsite video production and editing for events. Yes! That was us. Here is a picture for proof.

Michael Lunt - Production

We have sent video crews all over the world capturing and editing content for events from 10 to 100,000 attendees. So when we say we’ve been through it all, we really mean it. When the pandemic hit, we recognized that people like you needed a solution that would allow you to take your events virtual without skipping a beat. So we took our expertise in video production and editing to build

Over the last two years, we have executed both virtual and hybrid events and learned a thing or two. First, it is important to know that events are no longer a one-size-fits-all model. Virtual events work better for some, while in-person is ideal for others, and many are beginning to explore hybrid. Here’s what we’ve discovered.

Green screen to VFX, Fintech South Virtual Event

1. Virtual events are more than just Zoom. Through the right event platform, streaming technology, and branding application, you can make your virtual attendees feel like they are there in the auditorium. This is one of the areas in which we specialize. We can work with virtually (no pun intended) any event platform and build a virtual studio customized to your brand.

TDK Ventures Virtual Event

2. Virtual exhibition booths are tricky. You may have an exhibition element to your events. From what we’ve seen, no event platform has gotten this piece quite right. If you’re still not ready to take your entire event in-person at full scale, consider a hybrid option that allows you to stream thought-leadership content virtually.

Informa Townhall Hybrid

3. Hybrid events require a lot of strategic planning. Streaming is a two-way street. We’ve seen scenarios where the virtual audience is not considered for networking, and the in-person audience is not considered for virtual content streaming. Ensure both audiences are considered. This involves the right technology, the right crews, and the right production planning.

Formnext Frankfurt In-Person Event

4. In-person is inevitable, but it is different than it was before. For the last two years people have been forced to pause, assess, and reassess when it comes to their event strategies. Even for those that have gone back to in-person events, we are finding that they are still incorporating some form of virtual - whether part of that event, or as a separate, standalone event that serves to close the gap between their larger in-person events. The point is, the model of “in-person only” no longer exists. Virtual content has become a desire of many, and it is here to stay even if you do go back in-person.

Car Designs Europe Virtual Event

5. Don’t lose sight of your business objectives. It is important to remember that just because one event is going in-person or virtual doesn’t mean it’s right for you. There are plenty of options that fit your particular objectives. Whether virtual or in-person, any event can align with your business objectives if done right.

We could go on - but hopefully, this gets your gears turning. We are happy to chat if you want to bounce ideas around about your event strategy.

Let’s chat!

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