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Taiwan: Live streaming a COVID-19 success story

When the BBC wrote "How map hacks and bottoms beat COVID" it was to the backdrop of high hopes in Europe and the US that tech could help beat the pandemic. But this is a story from Asia.

Taiwan is one of the few countries in the world that has managed the pandemic effectively and thanks to the Swiss Economic Forum we live streamed the story first hand , as told by Taiwan's Digital Minister, Audrey Tang, who as WIRED said in "How Taiwan's unlikely digital minister hacked the pandemic" is a "fervent believe in open data, open governance and civil society - government collaboration."

For us this was a mini-hybrid event with a local crew in a studio in Switzerland, the team managing the production process remotely and Audrey joined from Taiwan.

It's a story of social innovation, humour, fast reactions and most of all open collaboration. Well worth a watch.

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