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Is Hybrid Right For You?

Wondering if a hybrid event is right for you? There is so much to consider. From cost to accommodations for both in-person and virtual elements to health and safety considerations to adequate technology. It can be a lot. But it can also be a great option that caters to everyone - those that crave face-to-face interaction and those that value the benefits of consuming content in their own home.

We’ve broken down some key points to consider with hybrid events.

For Event Organizers

In a nutshell

The key is balance and the right technology.


You will likely always have a split audience going forward - those that want face-to-face and those that don’t. Hybrid allows you to reach both groups simultaneously. It can even allow traditionally in-person events to become hybrid, expanding your reach further to global audiences that may not be able to attend.

Challenges to consider

It’s not quite as simple as recording your live content for your online viewers. In-person camera crews will need to be patched into the streaming service to ensure virtual attendees get the full experience. This requires the right technology and the right crew to test and implement the full system. You will also need to consider traditional in-person elements such as meetings and networking for your virtual attendees.

Just like choosing the right venue for your event is important, so too is choosing the right event platform for your virtual event component. If you select wisely, you may find that you can integrate both audiences and increase networking capabilities.

Hybrid Technology

For Attendees

In a nutshell

The choice is truly yours.


Event organizers recognize that the ball is in their court to make sure they accommodate your needs. Many understand that hybrid events will be their most effective model going forward and the one with the most reach. This means they are working hard to tailor their event to meet the needs of BOTH in-person and virtual attendees - whichever you choose to be.

Challenges to consider

Not all hybrid events are created equally. Just because an event is classified as hybrid, does not mean it will be the same experience from one to the next. Before registering for the event, consider what opportunities are available for networking both in-person and virtually, how matchmaking or meetings can be arranged, and whether all thought-leadership content will be available virtually.

Hybrid Event Snapshot

For Event Sponsors and Partners

In a nutshell

Hybrid expands opportunities, reach, and analytics.


Hybrid sponsorship opportunities allow you to reach a wider audience - even some regions that you were never able to reach in person. In addition, many virtual event platforms incorporate engagement analytics, allowing you to shape your post-event strategies appropriately.

Challenges to consider

In-person attendance may not be where it was before, but this is where the virtual element comes into play. One thing to consider is that not all virtual event technology accommodate rich analytics. Ask your event organizer whether the platform they've chosen can accommodate the engagement and analytics that you are looking for.

You should also consider supplying the event organizers with video content that can be broadcast on the live stream. Remember, this is a great opportunity for you to put your brand in front of both in-person and online audiences.

Before and After - Hybrid

Still considering if hybrid is right for you? Feel free to reach out! We’re happy to help.

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