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COP26 & climate change: How helped the UK Government livestream to the world

Updated: Feb 22, 2022


COP26 is the United Nation's Climate Change Conference. was asked to provide a flexible crew capable of live streaming, recording interviews and event footage as well as a promo crew capturing the action on the streets of Glasgow.

What We Did

We provided a sustainable video crew using expertise and local talent that were able to live stream from more than one venue in the city creating content for hybrid events run on hopin.

In addition we had a promo team in Glasgow for six days during the conference helping to capture the city, the conference and this unique moment in history. We captured both video and photos.


Over 1TB of video footage from COP26 covering:

  • Live streaming of events at COP26

  • Video footage of Glasgow during the event

  • Interviews with public and business leaders

  • Photography & Video

These were used to edit:

  • Content for hybrid events

  • Promo videos

  • Podcasts

  • Photography

  • Social Media videos

Do you need video at your next event?

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