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Case Study: From Zero to Two Thousand in Three Weeks with TDK Ventures

Background was tasked with full service event management for TDK Ventures Energy Week 2021, a brand new virtual B2B event in the battery industry. TDK Ventures was looking to create a first-time virtual event and build a community from the ground up within a one-month time frame. Our project scope included design, event platform management, marketing strategy, promotion, and virtual event execution.

What We Did

Step 1: Create the Look and Feel

  • created custom brand elements, marketing graphics, and virtual backgrounds and animation for TDK Ventures Energy Week 2021

Step 2: Build Awareness and Grow the Audience

  • We established a strategy to grow awareness and audience reach quickly and effectively through Google AdWords, social media advertising, and partner marketing tactics.

Step 3: Establish the Hosting Platform

  • We sourced an event platform that could accommodate registration, virtual event hosting, attendee outreach, and analytics.

  • We customized the platform with the client’s brand, built the event page, and prepared the event platform to accommodate the client’s technical and livestream needs, while also making it look like their own.

Step 4: Plan and Execute Seamless Technical Production

  • We created strategic technical production plans to ensure seamless event continuity.

  • We conducted tech checks and rehearsals with moderators to ensure speakers were equipped and prepared for the live event.

  • We managed the livestream, live polling, and audience Q&A to ensure the client could focus on their content.

Outcome’s strategy contributed to the acquisition of 2,000+ registrants and 1,000+ opt-in leads in less than a month. Our use of Mentimeter polling and live chat led to attendee engagement and interaction. Our branded virtual studio and dedicated vision mixers ensured that speakers looked and sounded their best. With’s support, TDK Ventures established a new and exciting battery industry event and built a community of industry professionals for future marketing, outreach, and events.

Ready to build your own virtual event?

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