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Are Your Virtual Events Fully Accessible?

Many of us have become masters of virtual events over the last two years - whether we plan, produce, or consume them. But what makes one virtual event stand out from the rest? Virtual events are becoming more complex as attendees have discovered what they do and do not want to see on their screens.

AI auto live captioning technology

Accessibility is one element that is becoming increasingly desirable. We’ve always given extensive thought to accessibility for in-person events. We have translators, interpreters, and transcribers. But what about on the screen? Do your virtual attendees have complete access to your content regardless of device or ability?

The need for speech-to-text live captioning is becoming greater in the virtual events world. This technology gives viewers the accessibility that they need regardless of device or ability. has partnered with SyncWords to bring this to life in real-time during live virtual events.

SyncWords AI auto live captioning technology

We demonstrated this with Metrix, an ASME company, who used AI-based closed captioning to increase the accessibility of their industry-leading content. By integrating the SyncWords widget within the Cvent platform, attendees could choose to include closed captioning as part of their event experience. was able to use the livestreaming delay to our advantage as this gave SyncWords time to transcribe the audio and push the closed captions to the event platform in-sync with the video stream. The SyncWords integration made for a great experience and allowed Metrix to create events that were accessible to those who may have otherwise not been able to participate.

Looking to caption live content or on-demand videos? Let us know!

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