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Events that have gone back to a physical venue will need a way to reach a larger audience. This is where hybrid events come into play. Having some attendees on location while the rest of your attendees are online is all about striking balance.


Neither side should feel alienated and designing content delivery to meet this need will be the biggest challenge. The online platform that you use will also play a key role in the physical attendees.

Hybrid can also get event organizers out of sticky situations around speaker disruptions. Where in the past, sessions needed to be canceled now speakers can remote in and audiences need not be disappointed.​

Having a hybrid crew at your event can elevate your content and increase reach. This is good for event organizers and can help sell sponsorship opportunities as individual sessions have expanded audiences.



  • Content should be designed to include the people in the room and those online, equally.

  • Attendees in the room need a way to watch broadcast content.

  • You will need a camera crew in the room that is patched into the streaming service.

  • Networking should be all-inclusive across physical and online attendees.



TV-quality Livestreaming

On-Site and Remote Production Crew

Virtual/In-Room Audio Patching

Pre-Event Content Creation

Pre-Recording Content

Technical Setups for Virtual Speakers

Post Production Services

Dedicated Project Client Success Manager

Cloud-Based Project Management

Global Support Team


4K Production Workflow

Event Post Production & Editing

Motion Graphics & VFX

Tiered Services To Meet Different Requirements

Event Platform Setup

Professional Presenters Available

Promotional Content Creation

Zoom Management (Meetings & Webinar)

Event Marketing Services

Auto Live Captioning (ADA)

Our on-site crews are trained to work collaboratively with on-site AV teams.  Our goal is to produce a great event for you and your attendees. That comes from teamwork.


Contact us if you have decided that hybrid is the right move for your event.

We have already done all of the hard work in figuring out how to create a seamless experience for event organizers, speakers, VIPs, and attendees. Hybrid is likely to be one of the most challenging new areas in the events industry. Let's team of hybrid experts help build a great attendee experience.

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